The Center

Children develop knowledge of their world through interactions with caregivers and peers in their daily experiences. Our goal is to provide your child or children with positive learning experiences influenced by Christian values. Garner Community Christian Childcare provides a nurturing environment where children can grow and flourish

There are many challenges to being a working mother, but when I drop my kids off at GC4, I know they are safe, respected and loved while being taught Christian values. That is important to me.

- Julie Fosado, GC4 Parent

A Christ-Centered Environment

Our program is built upon the Christian values of love, trust, and respect.

Educational Curriculum

Developmentally appropriate activities are offered to support children socially and academically while modeling Christian values in all interactions.

Affordable Childcare

We strive to offer high-quality childcare that is affordable for working families.

Licensed and Accountable

GC4 is a licensed child care center in the state of Iowa. Parents are welcome to review a copy of the rules and regulations for child care centers set forth by the Iowa Department of Human Services. You may request to see a copy on-site or visit: