Daily Activities

Each child’s day is built around developmentally-appropriate activities that provide positive learning experiences. There will be a balance of active and quiet activities, individual and group activities, indoor and outdoor activities, staff-initiated and child-initiated activities. Plans will include activities which promote both gross and fine motor development and experiences to provide positive Christian interactions.


The lead room staff will post the daily schedule and plan activities that meet the children’s developmental abilities and needs. Consistency from day-to-day is particularly important to the overall well-being of the children and classroom environment.

Free Play

“Free-play” (also called child-initiated activities, free choice, self-selection) activities are incorporated into the morning and afternoon schedule. During free-play, teachers actively participate with the children by asking questions about what the children are doing, participating in their pretend play, reading books when prompted, encouraging children to try new activities or play with a new toy, etc. Free-play is an opportunity for a child to grow socially and cognitively through the development of relationships.

Outdoor Play

Outdoor play is incorporated into the daily schedule and provides an opportunity for children to run, jump, climb and be active. A large amount of social interaction takes place when children play outdoors.


Children are provided a nutritious breakfast (6:30 – 7:30 am), AM snack (9:30 am), lunch (noon), and PM snack (3:00 pm).

Nap/Resting Time

Children will be provided a regularly scheduled nap or resting time to relax and recharge.